Tomato cage witch explained
Posted 2017-07-30


Hayride Entrance Pillars Build
Posted 2017-07-15


Quick and Easy rusting
Posted 2015-09-12


How to make a bird skeleton
Posted 2015-07-18


Making Antique looking signs
Posted 2015-07-06


From the Craft Room
Posted 2015-03-28

My latest creation is this vintage inspired Halloween Ornament made out of paper clay.


How to turn a blow mold pumpkin into a creepy Jack o Lantern
Posted 2015-01-04

I found the very large blow mold pumpkin at a yard sale for $1. With just a few easy steps I turned in into a creepy prop for my haunt.

All you need is a blow mold, a cutting tool, some cotton balls, a little paint, and some glue and water. I pour my glue into a bowl and then slowly add water while stirring until its easy to stir and runny. (The same mix you would use for paper mache)


Nursery Blocks
Posted 2014-06-25

Here is how I made my Nursery blocks for our haunt this year. They stand almost 5 ft tall and are perfect to hide an actor.


Making a Gargoyle
Posted 2013-10-02

This was my first detailed paper mache' and paper clay project but I love how it turned out!

Here is how I made it...

Home made silk screen for making a haunt shirt.
Posted 2013-09-17

Here is how I made my own silk screen and pattern to create my own haunt T-shirts.


Firing the Help
Posted 2013-09-16

Check out these 3 stiffs! They wont lift a finger to help with the haunt build. They have just been hanging around all day! You just cant get good help anymore!


Columns out of soda boxes
Posted 2013-07-15

I drink a lot of soda and so I throw away a ton of soda boxes. I was thinking that I should come up with some way to use them as a prop. So one day I started playing with them and came up with an idea for entrance columns to our Haunted Hotel.

Here is how I made them:

Making a Vampire Hunter Kit case
Posted 2013-06-24

Here is my finished product, however, yours can be any design you like.
* Hard suitcase
* paper towels (the expensive cloth-like ones work best)
* craft glue (Elmer's)
* thin cardboard (I used the cardboard from a 12 pack of soda)
* A print out of your words
* a cup of tea
* 2 shades of paint


Moss Statue
Posted 2013-06-15

Learn how I turned this

into this


Building a lake
Posted 2012-10-07

We decided it would be fun to add water to our haunted house. There was already a plan to enter a cave so why not have to cross some dark water on a tiny bridge to get there. The cave idea was created because half of our haunted house is under a metal car port and the other half is outside of it. Since the car port has walls down part of the side you have to duck under the wall to exit. This makes for a great cave entrance.

We started by finished the walls to the floor with plywood. We rounded out the opening with the plywood and later covered the door with lots of Styrofoam to save the heads we are sure will make contact. We outlined the water area with logs and wood we had on hand and screwed them together well. There will be a lot of pressure on these from the water so they need to be well connected. We built our bridge out of wood we had on hand.


Latest Creation
Posted 2012-07-21

This is the first step in my new rocking nanny prop. This beauty will be rocking a baby in the nursery in our haunted house. I started with a basic wig head. You can see where I hollowed out the cheeks, eyes, and mouth and inserted the eyes. The eyes are made from a ping pong ball cut in half. The pupil was printed off of the Internet and glued in place.


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