How to turn a blow mold pumpkin into a creepy Jack o Lantern
Posted 2015-01-04

I found the very large blow mold pumpkin at a yard sale for $1. With just a few easy steps I turned in into a creepy prop for my haunt.

All you need is a blow mold, a cutting tool, some cotton balls, a little paint, and some glue and water. I pour my glue into a bowl and then slowly add water while stirring until its easy to stir and runny. (The same mix you would use for paper mache)

The first step is to draw your new design onto the pumpkin. Donít worry about any concave areas from the original design. Those will be covered up later.
Also, donít worry about messing up as you draw. You can see I changed my mind and scribbled out to start over.

Once you are happy with your design, cut it out. I used a hot knife to cut mine. (Tip: I am horrible at symmetry so I cut out my favorite eye and used that to trace the other so that they would better match.)

Now cover the whole thing with strips of cotton and glue. I have seen this technique done before in corpsing other items but here is something I wasnít told in those tutorials. Cotton balls are actually one long piece of cotton rolled up. This may be common knowledge to most, but I admit I didnít know this. After spending some time trying to tear cotton into strips I accidentally pulled the right spot and the ball unrolled into a beautiful cotton strip. To those of you who knew this, yeah, I'm that dumb. To those of you who didnít know, Your Welcome! Dip the cotton into the glue mix and place onto the pumpkin. Its best to coat all of the cotton with the glue, otherwise it will not want to take the paint as well. Let that dry.

Finally paint it and your done. I started with a black coat and then dry brushed with burnt orange and a very dark green. If this will be an outside prop, donít forget to add a weather sealer.


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