Nursery Blocks
Posted 2014-06-25

Here is how I made my Nursery blocks for our haunt this year. They stand almost 5 ft tall and are perfect to hide an actor.

The first thing I did was cut 4 large boxed down to make them perfectly square. Then I glued them shut and taped all of the edges.

Next I used a paint roller to paint them all an off-white/ cream color. I wanted them to look old and faded which is why I didn't use true white.

I used a ruler to draw out 1 inch borders around 5 sides. I also used it to line up my letters to be sure they would be uniform all the way around. It would have been easier to use my projector to project the letters and trace them onto the blocks but I didn't want to dig it out of storage. Then it was just a matter or painting all of the colors on.

I glued the blocks together slightly angling each block a different way. I plan to use these inside so true weather resistance isn't an issue. I did seal everything with a Spar Varnish that has an orange stain tint to it. This gave the blocks even more of an antique feel. You can't see it in the picture, but I also let it drip heavily down in places to give it a dirty, creepy feel.


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