Doll House Siding
Posted 2013-07-09

I am finally finished with the paper mache and it is time to put siding on the house. I took a ton of Card Stock paper and ran it through a paper shredder to make my siding. It is actually a little smaller than I would prefer, but it is cheap and will still look really neat.

Once I had my 'boards' I began at the bottom of the house and worked my way up. Each row lays slightly on top of the one below it. It is also important to remember to start each row with a different length strip. This makes each seam, where the strips meet, fall in a different place on the wall. This looks much more realistic and natural.

It is a slow process that will take me several days, but I like the look of it so far. Right now the detail isn't easy to see but later I will paint the whole house black and then dry brush it. When I do that all of those little creases will stand out really well.

Thanks for following along on my doll house build. Check back in a few days to see my progress.


By Ruby 2013-09-12

Oh well, the things you can with a little creativity. It was a great idea that you used a shredding machine to produce tons of shredded paper. It's more efficient than cutting strips by yourself. Not only you did you saved a lot of time and effort, but it also gave you a clean and straight result.

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